It’s all about inspiring

Good morning everyone..

These days we use this term inspiring for anything and everything. We say inspired by my friend I baked a cake.. Inspired by group of friends, I started a growing my hair and on and on. We special needs community do use this generic term more often, to reach out mother’s who are really struggling. Because in a condition like autism, there’s no common method or strategy that is set for all. We tend to trial different methods before finding a real solution. I still remember a few years ago, Siva would never spit while brushing. I tried everything told by the therapist. Later one day I was told by a mother to try ayurvedic toothpaste and it clicked. So I got really inspired by her findings. If I start mentioning those inspiring mothers, I’m sure I would miss atleast 10 because every mother in this journey is inspiring. Because behind every child who is struggling there’s a struggling mother too. I have used mother in a generic sense. There are dads and grandparents too.

To speak the truth,it’s a lengthy,tiring and a hard working process to work with Sivaa. Over the years, I have learned that if I pause and work diligently and patiently he is able to overcome those little obstacles. I take a lot of his videos. But only those success videos I post on my Whatsapp status. It would be long wait of more than a year. I never tend to inspire others. I just share my happiness. If I say verbally that Sivaa made noodles yesterday to my neighbor, she might not feel the same way as she watches his video. The video shows his difficulties and his efforts in overcoming that. These videos are more like a reward for my efforts. Seeing my status, Most of my contacts reply appreciating Sivaa and a very few people appreciate my efforts. Like that few days back I posted a video on my Whatsapp status as to Sivaa making lime juice on his own. The video very evidently points out his difficulties in putting sugar into the glass and pouring water from bottle to the cup. He didn’t spill anything. He applied the correct pressure while squeezing lemon and it was altogether a beautiful video. Many people messaged me appreciating him. Like that one of my school mate and friend messaged me in a very different way. Quoting her message down.

Really you are very good mom. I don’t have patience at all.My kids always say they want to make lime juice.But I won’t allow.I feel they are too slow… They pour down while mixing and then cleaning part….
But now seeing your posts… I feel that I must also allow them…

She’s no were connected to autism or special needs. She’s just a mom of two neuro typical boys. Next day she allowed her child to make lemon tea and had posted those pics. So to conclude inspiring can be in a very different way. Thank you dear Soumya Menon For allowing me to share this beautiful picture.

That’s the inspiring lemon juice story from Pre’s blog. Below is the video of Sivaa pouring water to the lemon juice extract.


Preetha Anoop Menon

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