Siblings story…Lock down story

Quarantine Days

It’s been a month exactly with no schools and outings. When school’s got closed on mid of March we never thought of this type of situation as we are dealing with.. Last 21 days of quarantine… I had to re work on Sivaas schedule and routine.. It was not an easy task to engage him meaningfully through out the day. As part of rescheduling, I engaged him in everything I do. Slowly I understood that he is capable of doing everything and anything that I can do if given proper guidance. Like Sivaa it wasn’t easy to deal with Siddhu even though he comes under the socially accepted business class category of neuro typical. Siddhu was also given similar amount of household chores. As the days progressed Sivaa too showed a progressive graph in all the activities that we started doing from Day 1. Today he can independently mix his own glass of Milo or Cup of chocos immediately after he brush his teeth. I need to only boil the milk.

For the past few days he started mixing Milo for Siddhu too. Though Siddhu is not a foodie like Sivaa, he has very bland food preferences. He doesn’t like anyone other than me mixing his morning milk. At times when Anoop mixes it, he complains saying it has milk skin. But siddhu didn’t know until today that it was Sivaa mixing Milo in his morning drink.

As usual milk was served to Siddhu and Sivaa also took his Cup. In less than a minute Sivaa finished his Cup with an utmost feeling of self satisfaction and went away from the table. As Siddhu checked the heat and had the first sip, his face showed a disappointing attitude which I completely ignored because it’s very normal. He said… Amma I’m not liking the the milk these days. It doesn’t taste the usual way as expected and he opened his 1001mistakes list. Hearing all this, Sivaa ran from the other end of the room and took Siddhus cup in his hand and drank it. Everything happened in a fraction of second and Siddhu couldn’t relate to anything as he showed a disbelieving face. I burst out laughing when Anoop also showed an astonished face.

And I explained to Anoop and Siddhu, this is how exactly someone feels if you criticize their effort especially in cooking. People who are verbal abuse and people who are non verbal like my super boy would react like this… And this type of reaction is too appealing and less energy consuming.

For those who read this, mixing Milo and sugar in milk is just a child’s play or a Cake walk, but for Sivaa it needs a lot of concentration,control, attention and motor balance. While pouring the milk from mug to his Cup, I have seen his Struggles. I knew how difficult it is for him to remember the sequence of putting sugar, Milo and milk in order.

That’s our Milo story from Pre’s blog.

Anyways I hope Siddhu would never complain again the food served to him. And I also hope soon Sivaa would be ready to prepare his own favorite dish. Because it’s the hope that says whispers one more time..


Preetha Anoop Menon

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