Quarantine day’s… A story about one’s wildest dreams…

Siblings story.

Siddhu starts his day describing his fantasies, sleep dreams and nightmares.I have no clue about his dreams even though I’m chosen as a patient listener. But I always encourage him with appropriate nods, excitement and other facial emojis with apt timing and response. Every dream would either start with some super humans Vs monsters or corona Vs Siddhu_The Superman.

But today it was altogether different one…. It catched all my attention and took me to the dining area. We sat across as Siddhu opened that beautiful page which had Sivaa in a major role. Both children are grown up and are self sufficient to live alone without us. Sivaa was working in Japan and Siddhu in US. Believe me friends, I was so anxious that I could hear my heartbeats. And the story continued were the brothers meet up in US for some family function and again the same corona, supernatural powers and so on and on. I didn’t bother to listen further. I was still stuck in Japan. With all my curiosity, I blocked Siddhu and I asked him to rewind to that portion in Japan to know more about how Sivaa was looking? Because I have never imagined about a Sivaa like that . He replied very eagerly that Chettan looked like Lucifer Mohanlal,Amma.. More excited than him I posed the most awaited question of my mind? Did you brother talk or how did he managed to communicate without us.. Or was he using Avaz? Siddhu again surprised me saying…yes he was… Our chettan started talking Amma. I could see the happiness in his eyes while saying that.. He hugged me tightly and I tried to control my tears which was all set to roll down my cheeks.I don’t know it was such a refreshing feel to start off the day. When Anoop woke up, I shared the story with him too. Unlike me, Anoop was more curious to know why in his dream Sivaa was send to Japan and Siddhu in US which I felt pointless to discuss and I moved off to work. Later when I called my father, I told about siddhus dream with same amount of excitement that I had in the morning. And soon my father wanted to talk to Siddhu and he also enquired about the same question as to why ‘Japan’. And finally Siddhu explained and that became an end to the story and my excitement .Siddhu said; Muthacha(Grandpa) don’t you know that my brother knows Japanese? He says Doko…noko which are all Japanese… He knows Malayalam and Japanese so he goes to Japan when he wants to work.

Sivaa speaks a few meaningful words and there are some other words he says has no meaning. It’s either because of less clarity or due to the apraxia content in his language. Every time Sivaa says such words siddhu would relate it to Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages. He watches these language movies with his dad in Netflix and catches certain words and relates to it.

Sivaa living alone in Japan is never in my wildest dreams but to see him self sufficient to carry on with daily living is a hope that keeps me going. Because it’s the beautiful hope that whispers one more time.

Stay home_stay safe is the quarantine mantra… But stay positive and not exhausted is the only survival mantra.


Preetha Anoop Menon

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