Do marks decide your destiny?

The world of neuro typical.

It’s exam season for little Siddhu. And it’s the latest fascination for Siddhu. The marks that he and his friends get is discussed among them with so much of pride and prejudice. And his major attraction is the 10/10 that comes with a smiling face and stars. Last week he was very sad when he stepped out of the school bus. I could easily figure out it from his face that he had received his maths worksheet. He came running to me crying and showed the maths paper. It read 8/10 with no stars and smiling faces. As usual I reacted with a Wow and raised my hand for a high 5, which he rejected saying I was not diligent and showed a carefree attitude. I was bewildered, I couldn’t answer that sobbing little heart.

I wanted to tell him that I said ‘wow’ because I knew the efforts he had taken at this tender age with no support from anyone to achieve that.

I wanted to tell him that mistakes are the pathways to each success lines that he crosses in his life.

I wanted to tell him I said ‘wow’ because he was able to understand the two mistakes that he has made. Being able to understand your mistake and rectify that is a difficult task in everyone’s life. Amma felt proud for that Siddhu.

I also wanted to tell him that while looking through his answer sheet, I was seeing a legible writing in the spaces provided within the stipulated time by understanding the question and the concept to be used, which is a life skill that I’m trying hard to imbibe to your brother.

And also if marks decides the destiny of your life, there won’t be any successful entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, sportsmen, scholars and poet’s in this world.

Now I know he is too small to understand these things. Sooner or later he would get to know what I was expecting from him. Marks for humanity is the only one that really counts.

Live as a good human being and leave a signature in the minds of people.

Amma will be always proud of her little achievements. Amma is proud when you recited ‘judge me not’ at school competition and got selected for final rounds. Amma is also proud when you got first prize for Ramayana story telling competition. But Apart from that Amma felt so thankful to God, when you shared your snacks with everyone inside bus.


Preetha Anoop Menon

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