It was a decision to watch Sivaas pulikali which became a memorable one

It is onam everywhere and both the children were participating in the cultural events in school as part of their school onam Celebrations.Sivaa was selected for pulikali as he rocks and jumps all times. Siddhu was selected for onampattu which is also an integral part of onam. Apparently both the celebration happened on the same day and it was our choice to select which school we should go and watch out the programs. I wished to see siddhus program because I was getting daily updates as to the program and the rehearsals. And indeed it was quite interesting to hear to him and his friends. But when I thought of Sivaa who was totally mute as to what was happening in his school, I didn’t have to rethink again. I decided to go to Sivaas school. When I told about the kids program to Anoop who was out of town the last two three days, he accompanied me to Sivaas school. We reached there by 10.10 and as usual we took the last seats with my video on, anxiously waiting to watch Sivaa and his Pulikali.

But it was a fact that I couldn’t take videos as I was so overwhelmed with emotions to see those junior batch on stage. From back seat their performance pushed me to front seat.And When pulis assembled on to the stage, I couldn’t control myself that I kicked off my seat and came to the stage to applaud them. Seeing the loud round of applause Sivaa removed the mask and smiled at everyone. It was a moment of pride for me and every mother who sat there. It was a moment of pride for every teacher who was actually performing with them. I could feel the tears running down my cheeks. It was a tear of happiness and joy.

If you ask me did Sivaa dance like puli, No.. he didnot… But I know my son was happy through out… He listened to his teachers. He faced the audience and he could withstand that sound from loudspeakers.

Yes it’s an achievement… A huge one.. Thank you so much teacher’s for that awesome gift you gave me today. I know the pain and pressure you have taken to bring this on stage and I saw the efforts you took to make them actually perform when they were on stage. I understand that words would be too less to describe your efforts.

Teachers you are special and you made us special today. Thank you so much. We mothers owe to you.

With lots of love and prayers…..


Preetha Anoop Menon

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