My child is beautiful.. Not his autism.

Last week I saw a video which went viral among the autism fraternity of a doctor who depicted a child’s screen time as a cause for autism. I cannot fully agree with this because my child was never interested in any electronic gadgets or I would say he was less exposed to screens during his early intervention period but still he is diagnosed autistic. But I do agree to the point that screen time has it’s negative impacts on any child’s brain irrespective of the diagnosis. Since I’m not an expert in this field, didn’t respond to the discussions that happened in Whatsapp and fb groups. And also didn’t take it personally as it was considered as one among thousand opinions that I hear on a daily basis in this journey through the life of autism. But today I happened to see a video which would soon become viral from a so called professional who elaborated about the beauty of autism. That really shook me up to actually pen down my opinion.

Believe me friends, I have never been able to see any beauty in Sivaas autism. But my child is beautiful and I love him unconditionally. But that doesn’t mean I love his diagnosis..the so called autism which makes him struggle through every moment of his life. But despite of all these struggles he tries hard to connect with this not so connected world and I love him and feels proud of him for that part. I follow my child and not his diagnosis because I understand that every child is unique and special whether autistic or not.

When autism effected his daily living activities he tried hard and struggled with his strength to come out of it. Due to autism, his fine motor activities were effected and my son is still struggling hard to write, I failed to see the beauty part of it. As a part of autism and apraxia when words doesn’t come out as speech, he started using Avaz as his mode of communication, the glorification of autism is hard to digest.

I’m sharing a video of Sivaa and his cousin with you all. This video would make you understand more about Sivaa and not about autism. He is struggling hard to connect with his cousins and that too with a smile on his face and I love him for that beautiful smile . You can see so many distractions happening around him which is making extremely difficult for Sivaa to regulate himself and that too in a public place, but the way he is trying to communicate and connect with his cousins is heart warming to see. So please going forward we will not glorify the diagnosis and let us all together focus and follow the child. Let’s all spread love, hope and beauty of the child and not of autism.


Preetha Anoop Menon

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