A School Day

As usual I woke up at Six hearing the alarm from the biological clock, I ran to the kitchen reminding a thousand things to do.. After an hour Anoop woke up…and gave me that look for tea which I completely ignored, as all the stoves were filled up.. but he kept looking at the Induction to which I reminded him about the latest EB bill and as I turned back, he was nowhere seen. By that time children were up, and it was nearing to little Siddhu s bus time. I was waiting for the milkman to come so that Siddhu can also drink a cup of milk before he leaves to school. I reminded the milkman that he was late today to which he passed a not so funny joke, I had no choice left than to laugh with him and move on. Packing all the 4 boxes, two lunch and two snacks boxes were the most difficult job I find despite everything. It requires a lot of thinking. Hope you all remember the mindfulness that I have mentioned in one of my post while filling Sivaas snack box. Oh God.. the bus will soon reach our lane. Siddhu is still half way. With one hand Anoop was feeding him and with his other hand he was trying to tighten the belt, Sivaa is also standing next to him, asking for a share from his brothers plate.. Seeing all these, I shouted at siddhu for behaving like a KG boy to which he said even I’m telling the same thing to Acha and he is not listening. I was loosing it… Took a deep breath and Ignored that too because I didn’t have the energy and time to fight with them. I knew it was getting late for Sivaa too who need more prompts than Siddhu. Finally Siddhu was ready and as he stepped out of the gate, I saw him not applied the moisturizer and I ran and took the moisturizer and applied it all over, when I came back I overheard a conversation between the father and son to pedal the cycle to the boarding point which again I completely ignored for my own sanity. Back home , Sivaa was waiting for my verbal prompt for the next step as to apply soap and lather while bathing, I remember doing multiple tasks at a time and I saw Anoop coming back carrying the cycle after dropping Siddhu. I asked him why did he pedal the cycle back in a sarcastic way. He didn’t reply to it because he knew I don’t like all these complications at peak of the hour.

Without any prompts Sivaa was ready for the breakfast and he ate well.we were running out of time. Now Sivaa has to dress up and it’s a long process. I could hear the horn of Auto uncle. As Sivaa was not yet done, Anoop went out to give Auto Chettan a company, finally Sivaa was ready and put the bag on his shoulders and when he was about to enter the auto, I saw that he has put the shoe on wrong Side. I made him put it back correctly and finally he was inside and as the auto started moving away, through our lane, Anoop came running and said, Preetha he missed to take his Snack Box. Hearing that I was totally desperate. I thought to myself, despite this much hardwork he forgot to take his favorite snacks, I couldn’t believe it although.. but I was totally exhausted by that time and I started crying. Seeing that Anoop came and hugged me saying he was just fooling around … 😡😡😠Oh God… I wish I had a knife at that moment… You are gone for ever… Mr Anoop.

I know this would be the same in every house except the Sivaas portion..

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