The story of two brothers

Siblings story

Seeing Siddhu sad, I asked him the reason…he broke down in tears , which is a very rare scene in the house. He hugged me tightly… I kept asking him what’s the reason…
Did you hurt somewhere?
Did you fall down?
Then, what happened…
He showed me the broken mouth organ..Oh God; I thought… This will really hurt him..
I didn’t have the strength to ask him as to who broke it… I knew it…
Oh God; How should I comfort him… This is so sad… I knew how much he liked that… How new was it? How proud he was after receiving that surprise gift from his Acha… Siddhu after pouring down onto my shoulders continued…
Do you know Amma who broke this? Chettan…. Finally he broke my favorite thing? When it began crossing the limits…i interfered …. Because I don’t like anyone talking bad about Sivaa? Even if it’s my favorite Siddhu..
I understand your feelings Siddhu? But don’t you remember Achan and Amma had warned you about keeping your things safe.. And you also know that your brother like long scale like things… It was your duty to keep your things safe. Still I feel so sorry for you.
Immediately he replied… This is unfair and very Partial.. You are always on Chettan side.
Sigh…he is no more my little Siddhu. His words prove that he has grown up.I didn’t expect that.. I wanted to convince Siddhu that I was also equally hurt with his brothers doing’s .I moved to Sivaa Side and took the broken piece in my hand and asked him who did this? He pointed to himself… I pretended like I was going to beat him, and I asked him whether he will do that again? He wanted to answer but nothing came out… I moved the iPad and he pressed the no folder. And he also said sorry to siddhu through Avaz… I was having a mixed feeling…for Sivaa being able to express himself and for Siddhu being hurt this much.Oh Thank God; Siddhu was feeling little relieved…And to add more Josh to it… Anoop commented that … ആ വെളളക്കാരനേ കൊണ്ട് ഒരു sorry പറയിച്ചപ്പോൾ നിനക്ക് മതിയായില്ലേ. In Avaz I’m using the voice of an English child named Justin… We thought the story ended up there, but it was getting more emotional.. I saw Siddhu sitting near to Sivaa explaining about how he was feeling… I thought let him pour down… It was needed at that time.. Listening to Siddhu made me cry.Chetta how much I loved you.. How many kisses I give you daily… When you cry how many times I have felt sorry for you.. I have absolutely no problem in sharing my chocolates or ice creams or jilebi with you. Still you don’t like me.. I was waiting for that day you will come and play with me… I showed you how to use that mouth organ know… But still you played it by throwing it down…it’s not a scale or Spoon that you play with…This time you hurt me so much Chetta…it was my favorite toy. Today I’m going to tell Acha that I don’t want flute… I’m sure you will break that too.. It’s not easy to hide things from you.. I’m not going to talk to you anymoreI could see Sivaa was listening to it..
I went for a long shower. At that point it was very much needed to comfort myselfAha… The shower changed the whole scenario of the house..My chatterbox was never moody and sad by then . Chetta can you switch on the light for me… Shall we go and sleep… Chetta you are so funny..
I love you Chetta…you know one thing chetta; you and vyan(cousin) are so cute…. Ummah…. Ummah.

To be continued…


Preetha Anoop Menon

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