The untold story of siblings.

Autism related post


I have always mentioned about the bright side of the siblings. There’s much more to it, which is untold and sometimes unheard. True that.. This little one’s make our day, but sometimes we find it difficult to make their day. One day little Siddhu came and asked me a very common question which children of his age usually ask but it stuck deep in my mind. He asked a simple question as to how much I love him. Even though my answer was satisfactory to make him feel, I just began to think about it later …Siddhu is very attached to me from the day he was born. He would never sleep without me. He would wait until I finish my work and make sure I accompany him. When I feel sick, he would be around me and would help me make comfortable in anyway possible. Slowly I also found a comfort zone in his presence. I too started sharing my day with him. He would listen to me and would tell some cute suggestions which would end up funny. Slowly I started realizing that he was also getting closer to Sivaa and was getting upset when Sivaa was having a meltdown. He began to engage him so much hoping for a miracle until one day I told him everything about his brother and his condition. I had no choice other than to knowingly forget his age.I taught my siddhu to be proactive in front of Sivaa because that was a skill needed for surviving with his neuro divergent brother. When I share a piece of cake or a chocolate to both of them, Sivaa would finish his share fast and try to pull out the share from his brother. So siddhu should be proactive at that time if he had to finish that peacefully. Knowingly I forgot he was too small to learn the skill. Thereby Siddhu started sharing a portion from his piece too. I had no choice other than to witness that. I also taught my little Siddhu to be mindful knowingly forgetting his age as I had no choice. If he wants to go for cycling or wanted to go outside and play.. He has to make sure his brother is inside and gates are closed.Schools often label them as attention seekers. They seek attention because they get little attention to their childish acts and cuteness because we are busy parenting the neuro divergent. They imitate their sibling and get scolded for. But for them, it’s an act to get impulse attention from parents. Unlike other children, they need to adjust to a lot of things. At such situations, we mothers knowingly forget their age. A few months back we went for a tour to a place Siddhu was so excited for but unfortunately when we reached there Sivaa became sick and was restless and we had no choice left than to return back.One day Siddhu wanted to show me how he pedals without support wheels. I was curious to see that because only two days were passed as Anoop had removed the support wheels. I was so happy for him and very excitingly I asked him as to how did he learned the skill so fast…His reply put me in tears… I learned by falling off many times. He showed me all the bruises in his arms and knees. I felt proud of him as he had already learned the surviving skill.This story never ends here. It goes on and on. To all those mom’s who wanted me to share my story about the changes in Sivaa after Siddhu was born….. This is for you…. It was never so smooth as you see… It was not so embracing as you feel… It also has the struggles and sacrifices of a little man who loves his brother unconditionally.

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