Happiness is a choice

Happiness is a choice

Every child you see in the spectrum is unique and special. There’s no rule that every child in the spectrum should have a savant skill. It’s a myth… And It’s absolutely okay.. If you didn’t find any savant skill in your child. For mom’s like me, happiness is definitely a choice. You can either stay positive and happy and enjoy your life or you can be negative and sad and lead a depressing life. So as a special mom, I choose to be happy by accepting and understanding the differences.

Happiness is seeing his beautiful smile

Happiness is seeing him calm and happy

Happiness is seeing his unconditional love

Happiness is understanding his mode of communication

Happiness is hearing him call us Amma and Acha.

Happiness is seeing him coping with the not so connected world.

Happiness is seeing the loving bond between the two brothers.

Happiness is seeing and understanding the world through his eyes.

Happiness is seeing him coming back to me, when I call his name.

Happiness is seeing him blowing only to his brother.

Happiness is a belief that he will lead an independent life one day making us proud.

Yes… Happiness is a choice and I would like to stay happy always…

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