Mom’s it’s for you

Hello Moms

It’s been a long time… Indeed a long wait to connect with you all. Pandemic is driving me crazy. Hey please don’t scroll down… You can read the next line. It’s not an inspirational story. I know it.. We all are tired reading inspirational stories. Also It’s not about autism nor neuro typical.. Its not about Sivaa and Siddhu (The inspirational siblings duo) 🙄.. It’s not about children at all.

Also..its not about any new methods or strategies that I tried to keep me going in this pandemic. Oops sorry…Like everyone of you.. I did a try a lot of new things last 11 months.. From exercise to yoga.. from meditation to Surya namaskar… From cooking to baking…. From indoor planting to total gardening.. From long drives to music therapy… From inspirational quotes to hearing A R Rehmans singapenne song to awake the singam in me. From temple visits to chanting mantras from straight lines to actual paintings and home decors.. And the list goes on..

It’s not about anything mentioned above … It’s just to remind you all mom’s that you are the best and you deserve the best. Do what your mind say.. I know it’s not easy.. Moms…please do take a deep breath and listen to me. It’s absolutely okay if you don’t work with your children today, tomorrow and even day after..Take a break… Believe me nothing is going to change. And nothing is going to get worse. It’s true that If the child isn’t engaged a day or two behavior might pop up but don’t ever feel guilty for his behavior. You are not the cause for everything that’s happening around him.

Try to live a stress free life. Do not take everything onto your shoulders. Believe me your shoulders aren’t that strong.. You aren’t a super mom. And if anyone calls you by that name…just thank them and release it through your right ear. Upon God’s sake.. Please don’t take that word super mom to your head. It’s absolutely of no use. Infact there begins your Stressful life.

Also do not try to fit in a place if you are not comfortable at any point. It’s absolutely okay to let them know your opinion. Most of us fear the thought of walking away from a person or place where we get totally drenched or drained out because it was all these years considered a normal routine of your life.

Mom’s it’s absolutely okay if your friend or a family member put forward any ideas or suggestions that they think would work with you and your child. If you didn’t like it..just ignore and walk away. You don’t need to argue or respond to everyone and everything. The only important thing that you should always worry about is your mental health. Your inner peace…

Please do understand that you are not for everyone and that’s okay. Talk to the people who can hear you and can understand your journey. It’s very essential that your time and energy is something very precious for your inner peace and it’s not to convince anyone about your value.

Yes…we all are strong and what make us the strongest is finally the decisions we make to keep it going without loosing one’s spirit.

With lots of love and prayers

Preetha Anoop Menon

2 thoughts on “Mom’s it’s for you

  1. Well Said Preetha. We have to show self-love. I agree and am personally on a mission this year to find something or a moment that I am grateful for each day. I do daily posts on Fb and Insta with a picture so that I forced to look through a positive lens at my life each day and also for me over time to create a memory timeline.
    No matter good day or bad day, I need to know I am a living breathing person and not a machine.

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