My personal rants

I wish to go back to normal..

Hearing the sound of my routine boy, I realized that it’s time to wake up, I wished to get that extra hour inside my quilt.

Oh.. He pulled my pillow down and ran, yes….it’s my final call..I jumped up from the bed to keep things back to his normal.

I could have slept early with him…but to tell you the truth..Now late nights have become my only ‘me time’.

I can feel the heaviness inside my head.. Yes it’s the same sleep deprived state.

I did those daily errands like a machine and I was all set to refresh myself with my morning cuppa, my little one woke up and clung on to my side.

The days are running … I don’t know for what and I’m left with no time to even comb my hair.

My priorities changed… My routines changed… But don’t you think that I should get my space.

No is the word I wish to shout out to everyone….but like by non verbal boy…I’m left with no choice..

The sudden role change from a mom to a cook, a cleaner, a watchman, a teacher, a trainer and therapist is kicking me down.

My heart says take it slow…. But if I slow down, will I end up with no breathing space.

I’m juggling between one activity to another till 9pm, and you collates my late night baking as a leisure time activity I might lose my cool… So beware ahead.

To the lady who measured my work less as to working women, I really wish to scrape on your nose with my new bread scraper.

The urge to spend some time in temple and those quality time with my friends has become my wildest dreams

When will I go back to normal?

My 24hr smudge proof lip paint will soon become a colour in my sons Dot Art painting.

My new loafers thought I’m dead.

And maybe for the array of wristwatches I possess ,I’m bedridden.

I wish to go back to my days of long drives with soothing music playing..

Yes I wish to go back to that normal.


Preetha Anoop Menon

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