The true side of his paintings.

Yes… it’s all about his paintings. As I wrote in a previous post, we have been doing different activities with Sivaa these lockdown days and it also includes painting. As Sivaa shows a positive sign when it comes holding brush instead of pencil, we have experimented different aspects and avenues in paintings. We have shared a lot of his paintings among friends groups and even in Whatsapp status. Like any mother, I was so overwhelmed and excited seeing the responses that I received from people all around. Indeed I’m blessed with lot of good friends who always encourage us in this journey through the life of autism.

Also being a mom who’s always open about her journey, I thought it’s my duty to share with you all the true side of the pictures you see as his paintings.

First of all, I wanted to Share with you that Sivaa cannot draw anything. The drawings that you see in every picture would be either done by me or by Siddhu. Thereby we select pictures which includes more painting and less drawing.

Secondly it’s not his idea or creativity that is depicted. We just try to replicate the you tube videos we watch or any art and craft sessions we see in fb like Evoluer. From Evoluer sessions he has learned to use different techniques while painting. Thanks to Shaloo Sharma for that wonderful presentations.

There are lot of questions that people ask me with regard to his painting. I’m sharing that too here .

Whether Sivaa chose the colour to his paintings?

It depends. Some simple paintings he chose colors while some others we just replicate the same thing we watch in the video.

Will he patiently sit to finish the activity?

Definitely a big YES… This is something which motivates me to continue with this activity. I’m so happy when I say this. He is calm through out the whole process. I think Painting is therapeutic.

Do you guide him?

Yes like in every other activity, I guide him in this activity too. But the difference is that while doing painting, he is doing it wholeheartedly. Unlike the other activities he doesn’t need continuous verbal prompting. Actually it’s very nice to see him painting, the strokes that he makes are either feather touches or circular motions. But you can see him fully engrossed in to it.

Will Siva verbally demand that he wants to do painting?

The answer is No…. He doesn’t communicate that. Initiation is always from my side but I think he has all the right to refuse it like how he does in any other activity. Since he is not refusing it, I presume that he likes it.

Also When I speak about his skills, I become little emotional as it takes me to a few years back when he was 2 to 3. He used to make amazing things with building blocks and clay at the age of 3. And it was the only toy that he plays with. Every month when Anoop’s salary gets credited, he comes home with a new set of building blocks for Sivaa. We thought he definitely had a skill in that area. Soon it disappeared and he started throwing blocks and eating clays. So I think we should not combine skills and learning.

I would also like to add that since Sivaa does painting, we are not fully in to it, like every other activity we do painting on alternate days. And I think it’s too early to decide on whether it should be developed as a skill or not. It can also be temporary like his obsession to building blocks. If you ask his teachers they might have a very different story as regards to his paintings. I have heard from them that he messes up with paints.

So that’s all about his paintings and before concluding let me also mention that sivaa cannot inherit painting skills genetically from us, because Anoop can’t even draw a straight line or paint a triangle and I might draw a star but if I paint, I would end up tearing the sheets.

Have a look at his paintings


Preetha Anoop Menon

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