Sivaas skating journey

I’m proud of you Sivaa… Said Achan.

Little Siddhu came running to me and told that Achan said like you that he is proud of chettan during skating. When I work with Sivaa I always tell that I’m proud of him. When I say that he looks in to my eyes and smiles.

Sivaa grabs all the attention from his father for being the first bundle of joy and for reciprocating a lot of his paternal grandfather. Moreover Sivaa s first meaningful word was Acha unlike other children. I have always mentioned about the loving bond between the father and the son in one of my earlier posts. And when Sivaa was diagnosed at the age 4, I have also witnessed my husband’s depressing stage which made me more stronger as a Woman.

Due to the nature of his job, Anoop had never got a chance to work with Sivaa.Skating was the first such experience for both of them. Sivaa has grown out of my hands and I couldn’t control him. Skating is such an activity which needs utmost supervision at the beginning stage. So to begin with Anoop had no choice other than to walk with Sivaa. For the first two days I acted little naggy and would pressurize both to start off with the activity. After a week, I could see Anoop becoming more and more motivated to work with him. He began to cherish and embrace the little achievements that Sivaa does by applauding him. One such day he also told Sivaa that he is proud of him. Yesterday he even scolded me for not paying enough attention when Sivaa was skating a little bit without help.. Which was actually far beyond my eyesight. When they started skating activity , It began from our porch. Then he took him to our walk way and slowly to that full Lane. Today he wanted to take him to the road. And that prompted me to write this post.
When we start working with our kids, it’s like that….we become more motivated, more energetic and more positive…. And I also understood that when we try these things consistently on our children with so much of hope and aspiration the whole society would cherish those Moments. That neighbor uncle I have mentioned in my previous post has so much relevance here too. He would walk daily to open his shop during the time Sivaa skates. He was happy seeing his improvement and showed an approving attitude towards our dedication. Another lady who pass by daily at that time told me one day … Wow.. he picked up.. I thought she was mentioning about Siddhu who learned the skill in a day but she was pointing to Sivaa which made me more happier because it’s an appreciation to our efforts.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t cherish my little one’s achievements. I’m immensely proud of that little boy who takes care of himself so well with us in this journey through the life of autism

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