Musings of a Mom not very special

Yes I’m not a special mom.. neither a super mom.

I wish to be one among you.. I would like to gallop as fast as you do.

I always try to imitate the normal but never could find a space with you..

And you call me supernatural… I don’t really understand what you mean by that..

I start my day prompting my son to start off with his day in the hope that once in my life time, he is going to get it all.

And you say I’m inspiring without knowing that I’m just trying to catch up with you…

I knew and I’m sure I learned patience working with my son. It didn’t come to me as a blessing. So please don’t call me special..

To tell you the truth I had no choice, if I loose my pace and patience, my poor boy fumbles

Some days I get exhausted just by thinking too much and Some other days I’m so tired doing too much.

To all those who sees us, we are those active, cheerful and inspiring mom’s.

But you Know, we were those slothful lots once, who found excuses for anything and everything.

Now I’m forced to learn and experiment new things ,with the hope that one day I may get an entry to his world.

I have never thought I could bake garden or paint… But now for me all that is therapeutic..

You may see me trying everything or you may think I’m an overdoer and that’s absolutely OK.

With no intent to inspire, I carry on with my work everyday, just to see that beautiful smile which heals all the pain and exhaustion.

I may seem to you playing cricket, football and basketball with boys every evening,

I have no clue about its rules, I just play to have some fun with them.

It doesn’t matter to me what others think, nor I feel a super woman in me..

I just play with boys to ensure that my hyperactive son’s energy is all drained out.

Do never think that I get only positive comments for my actions… not true

Its only the positive side I wish to Spread..

Yes.. I have been belittled by people ,but they forget the fact that my wings are stronger.

And my visions are clearer.

Quarantine series…

(Written on the context when people started believing that all moms of disabled children are super womans).


Preetha Anoop Menon

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