Have you ever thought of a world of nonverbal

Being a mother to a non verbal boy, I was always anxious and curious to know his world. I use every opportunity to get into his world but was never consented. Today when everyone was so engrossed in their devices, Sivaa took his iPad and started using his Avaz app. When everytime this happens, I would run to him thinking that he is communicating but all those times he would leave the device and run away. Today I was bit on a low mode and was not in a position to get up and check with him. Also if he really wish to communicate me ,he would come with his iPad. Seeing me not responding, Anoop went to him and checked out, he saw poratta and beef curry in the end and thought he is desperately missing his favorite cuisines. And I also witnessed some lovely conversation happening between the father and the son regarding the food.

Coming to the topic, we are so exhausted and agitated with this prolonged lock down and unanticipated condition. But people we are so able to talk, write or express somehow our anticipations. But what about these kids? Are they facing this lock down a way before without being able to express oneself and always being subject to be judged by others. Being non verbal are they forbidden from Article 14 of Indian constitution.. Certainly not? Then who’s framing them to a world of segregation??

I’m sharing Sivaas recent chat history from avaz App. As I mentioned he wasn’t communicating with three of us. Maybe he was self stimulating… Just listen to that. He has used several words like in verbal communication. Instead of using just for his needs, he has opened up a lot. It seems like he is missing his skating and swimming classes. He wish to go for a walk. In between he has added, he is not well. He is feeling sleepy and tired. He is self stimulating by saying I’m fine and thank you and take care. And finally as Anoop says he is missing a lot of cravings. All these conversations happened continuously one after the other and it lasted for more than 15 minutes. It was non stop and that’s why it catched Anoop’s attention. He was touching one after the other continuously.

I wish that like today,I get more days and opportunities to understand his world because I’m not able to imagine a world of him without talking or verbalizing by any means. If Its too hard to imagine and won’t that be too hard to live like that.

Still my warrior… My beautiful child starts a day with a beautiful smile and follows me in all his steps without regrets. He adapts so well with our changes and anticipations. Even during these lockdown, he hasn’t troubled me any single day. When rest of the people in the house including his little brother say frustrated and exhausted every single moment,he is carrying it all with a beautiful smile.

I wish let his voice open one day.


Preetha Anoop Menon

3 thoughts on “Have you ever thought of a world of nonverbal

  1. How sweet & that is his way of expressing saying he is missing all those things .verbal kids might ask or throw a tantrum but Siva decided to let u know in his own way . I am sure some day he will start expressing verbally also . May be you should give the iPad & ask him to express everyday. probably you are doing it .

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