Wearing masks became mandatory

When wearing masks became mandatory as per government order, I was anxious about Sivaa who has high sensory related issues. All these years I have got exemptions from everyone in wearing things that have sensory issues with Sivaa. For example Sivaa was exempted from school as to wearing school shoes and socks. I know the struggle I had taken in making Sivaa wear shoes with socks. He would remove it now and then and someone has to be behind him running to make him wear it back. Unlike the other things, mask cannot be exempted. It’s for his own safety. I cannot substitute or exempt it. I have no choice left than to teach him wearing that asap.

First step towards teaching.

The pandemic situation was taught to him well in advance . He was also seeing Anoop wearing masks every time he steps out of the house. And Sivaa spends most of his leisure time sitting in our porch and thereby he got a chance to see people wearing mask while passing through our gate.

Second thing we did.

We took turns and started wearing masks like in a game and we all repeated that we need to wear mask while going to Swamis Sweet shop next week. Sivaa being a foodie and Swamis Sweet Shop is one such favorite place of him,It was easy to grab his attention saying that. Siddhu explained in detail about the lists that he is craving to buy from swamis shop which tempted Sivaa and he forgot for 15 secs that he was wearing mask all that time.

Now we are extending the time slowly and we have reached till 60 secs in just two days. We are planning to this daily and consistently with a hope to make him wear it outside without ripping off.

Sharing a video of Sivaa wearing masks. The mask that you see in the picture is something we made out of Old clothes watching a YouTube video.

As you all know its the hope…….


Preetha Anoop Menon

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