Sivaa s new sports class

Sportopoliz as the name indicates is a football coaching center in Cochin. But unlike other centers it’s an inclusive set up where specifically trained staffs are providing coaching to our children by focusing communication and socialization as the keyword for building any phase of development. The sessions are held by a sports coach who is immensely trained in dealing with our children and a well known speech therapist for removing the child’s communication barriers. For the past few months I’m sending Sivaa to this place.

Why did I choose Sportopoliz?

Its definitely not because Sivaa liked football nor his favourite toy was ball. The first and foremost thought that came to me when I heard about this was definitely play. Sivaa and Siddhu has no friends nearby and they donot get any chance to run and play. I know Sivaa loves to walk and run in an open space which is a rare scenario in towns and I also knew my son loves to sit in grass and open grounds and enjoy the bare sky. And I found and understood that spotopoliz is the safest( with fences and nets all side)and calmest place as its not in the busy outskirts of the city.

What do Sportopoliz do?

They are focusing mainly on pre skills like running and chasing the ball on commands, throwing and catching the ball and turn taking skills etc. Which in turn improve joint attention and eye hand coordination and many such other skills like gross and fine motor skills.

My expectations from Sivaa and his sports class.

Since Sivaa is non verbal I’m assuming that certain things may work and certain other things maynot. So the first and foremost thing that I expect from him is that he should be happy through out the session. Secondly he should be able to complete the given task with or without prompts. I don’t expect him to be perfect or to come first. Siddhu seems very sad that his brother never wins the running race. But I’m happy when Siva runs from one end to another. I’m happy when he does an exercise and holds it even for 5secs. Im also happy when he makes an attempt to do a given task because I know that……. Yes I know that…. One day….. Those stepping stones that I built in him makes him more strong and steady that he wins the race 🏆⚽⚽..

It’s the beautiful hope that whispers one more time…


Preetha Anoop Menon

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