Our Christmas vacation

Unlike the previous years we didn’t have much plans and trips this vacation. We spent most of the time at home. As all the other physical activities that Sivaa goes for were closed during holidays,we had a lot of time in hand with less number of activities. We did skating as usual but were left unspent the other period of time. But then also We managed to met a lot of people and many joined us home for a coffee.

As you all know whatever we try to do, it would be difficult to manage them the whole day without any scheduled type of activity. My boy managed to adjust so well with all the uncertainty but at times he was anxious and excited reminding us that he is different and needs time to cope up with.

As part of learning his daily living skill, Every alternate days when the boys clothes were washed, it was their duty to fold it and keep it inside the wardrobe. For Siddhu everything from sorting his clothes and folding and keeping it in the appropriate place just came up at one shot. But my neuro divergent needed prompts for even sorting his own clothes from the Bunch piled up. But as days progressed I began to see his confidence increasing as he became less and less prompt dependent. Today I have taken a video in which he is folding his trousers independently. I felt so happy for him and his changes. A change itself is a growth.

It doesn’t mean he has achieved the skill of folding his clothes. He needs prompts for sorting and segregation and also physical prompt for folding shirts. I hope by summer vacation he might attain the skill. After all……it’s my hope that keeps me going.

Let’s hope for the best.


Preetha Anoop Menon

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