New year wish of we special moms

Let us be able to climb the steps though slowly but steadily.

Let us meet and greet more and more people than centre’s.

Let us be welcomed by our friends, family and neighborhood.

Let every mom gets one person to share her anxieties.

Let every mom get a shoulder to lean on and wipe her tears.

Let every mom gets a METIME to celebrate in her own way every day.

Let every mom to a non verbal child gets a magic chip to read her child’s mind.

Let every sibling to a neuro divergent shout out to the world that It’s OK to be Different.

Let she never repeats that rollercoaster ride this new year upon receiving that emergency call from school.

Let her day ends up with a peaceful note and prayers for her child.

Let this world be more transparent to accept and include the diversities.

And Let our child Tarun reach back home safely to celebrate this New year.

Let us be more humane this year.

Oh God…Let this New year be an era for celebration of diversities.

She hopes for the best…

She understands that it’s her hope gives the inner strength to take a second chance.

And Let it go… Let it go from her mind… the thoughts that disturb her harmony…

Embrace the differences.


Preetha Anoop Menon.

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