TogetherWeCan Family

It was a Tuesday evening that we finally decided for TogetherWeCan family Get-together. Since it was on a weekday and Sivaa on a restricted diet, we planned to meet in my house which is apparently the registered office of TogetherWeCan. As usual I prepared Sivaa for the TWC family getto which is not so usual in his schedules. As soon as he came from school yesterday I just reminded him once again of the getto, he showed a very happy face. I gave him a banana instead of the usual snacks and asked him to wait until they all come. For him, all of them were familiar faces and the adaptation was easier. He patiently waited for them to join and had a fun filled evening snacks time with lots of food options.

Siddhu being a very social person unlike his brother enjoyed the evening with Brian Chettan, Sooraj and Sameer Chettan. Siddhu and Sooraj went little overboard and even started playing with our neighbors during that short lovely evening.

Anita Chechi our lady inspirer came with home-baked pizzas and peanut butter blondies which tasted heavenly and we gobbled it all in a fraction of second.

The three men when they met together for the first time had more togetherness in everything than the ladies so we called up the Iron Lady Padma pillai( Padmechi) to check whether the fourth men also shares the togetherness to make it more together we can.

We were gathered up there to discuss more about the objects and future plans of TogetherWeCan but apparently it became a fun filled evening which discussed more about diet restrictions with eating pizza on one hand and samosas on another. Every time Seema start off with our future projects but somebody would interfere especially Anoop saying, would you like to have more mixture and the conversation gets jumbled with Swami sweets and savouries.

For me this getto was more a kind of relaxing as Sivaa was very comfortable. Even then I was little curious as to whether it would effect his sleep pattern but by God’s grace Sivaa slept well and I should also admit that fact that he even slept little earlier than his usual time.

Sometimes all the therapy that we need is meeting people. And sometimes all we need is a change in routine.


Preetha Anoop Menon

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