Siblings story.. Swimming Story

Oct 10: World Mental health day.

#Story of our world# Story of happiness

Siddhu gets so excited everytime when he see his brother swimming like a fish in the sea. Sivaa enjoys swimming and because of his love for swimming and playing underneath the water, he just forgets his disability. And seeing him floating in the water like a paper boat brings so much of positivity and confidence in myself and Siddhu and we both feel like jumping in to the water every day. Being an adult I control my urge but siddhu keeps on pestering me asking for the permission to swim with his brother.

Oh OO….friends, please don’t judge my parenting as to why am I not sending Siddhu for swimming?😉 The boy gets so scared inside the water. We have tried several times and he cries till he reach the other side and hesitate to even send Sivaa to swimming. Swimming class start late in the evening for Sivaa and he used to go with Anoop every day. And when ever Anoop is out of station, I and siddhu accompany Sivaa to swimming. Last week when I took both the children to swimming class, Siddhu seeing the easiness in Sivaas swimming wanted to give it a try. Thankfully the trainer was inside the pool and he allowed Siddhu to enter the pool. As expected Siddhu started screaming at the top of his voice and somehow managed to reach the other end. Sitting on the pool ladder he began to envy his brother who was doing summersalt inside the water at 10 feet. Sivaa always plays and swims at 10 feet were it would be less crowded and less noisy. People who are really good at swimming would swam to that side from 4 feet. Those who are on the learning stage will always be at the 4 and 5 feet.

Siddhu thought for himself a moment and came with a funny solution. He said; Look Amma, I think (pointing to Sivaas side) that side would be easy. Chettan never comes here. He finds this side difficult. I want to be on the other side with my brother. The trainer and the people who have come there had a good laugh hearing Siddhu. I controlled myself and let Siddhu go there. On his way, I showed the number written on the place he was standing which read 4 feet and also asked him to read the number before getting down to Chettan s side. He read it loud. It’s written 10 feet Amma. So I just reminded him in a louder voice like his teacher 10>4. Soon he stepped back and went for a shower and came with his dress changed.

He was so upset and rather more confused. He didn’t ask anything. He was very quiet . Hearing the final call from me to pack up,Sivaa came out from the pool and had a shower. Sivaa smiled at siddhu. Siddhu ran and hugged him saying I’m proud of you chetta. He was crying almost and Sivaa smiled back again with a pat on his shoulders which was worth a thousand words. Soon we came back home. The scooter ride too was calm and silent.

Since Anoop was out of town, we soon had our dinner and got early to bed. Sivaa dozed off in a minute after the long hour swimming practice but Siddhu was still very quiet in the bed. To break the silence, I said Amma is feeling very tired and sleepy, do you want to hear stories? Immediately he replied; No Amma, But I wanted to ask you something. He continued.. You said Chettan is different because of this… I acted like I didn’t understand and asked because of what? Siddhu explained; Chettan is able to do what everyone finds difficult and Chettan is not able to do what everyone finds easy. Is that makes him different from others? Siddhu didn’t wait for my reply. He continued on and on about Chettan s adventurous stories. After a moment of silence. He said; Amma….Chettan is really awesome… Tomorrow I will tell everyone in school bus about my awesome Chettan…🥰🥰🥰

Some days end up with a beautiful smile.Some days end up in a wet pillow. But there are also some awesome days; Wait for that day.


Preetha Anoop Menon

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