As a parent what was my take away from Amaze?

After seeing my fb and Whatsapp status and Seema’s detailed fb post, I got enumerous messages on Whatsapp and messenger as to what was my takeaway from Amaze as a parent. Well, it’s the same as described by Seema that Akila vaidyanathan herself is an institution and Amaze charitable trust is an university which acknowledge her methodology through their interns

Follow your child

The first and foremost thing I learned from Amaze that they work on the principle of following the child. Like in any centre or school, it was not written in their brochure or in their premises nor in her talk. But I could witness that through their way of dealing with children. It was so evidently seen in all the staff.

Calmness everywhere

I have gone to many therapy centres and to many schools and even special school’s. The very interesting and different thing that I saw in amaze was every teacher was calm and quiet and was working with minimum voice and more of gestural prompts. That doesn’t mean that the interns were also calm and had any meltdowns or tantrums. But they were all trained (both the staff and the students) in such a way that they knew how to handle the situations on their own.

What works for the least.

This principle is the best which makes Amaze stands out of the rest. Everywhere they program and plan a schedule that can be adopted to the majority but in Amaze they plan a schedule that suits the minority so that all of them can function well

A best teacher can groom all her trainers to bring out their best.

We have seen many good therapists running a centre crying and struggling to get a good therapist. We have also seen the best teacher running a school with not many good teachers. But in Amaze you can see a best teacher has imparted the best to all her staff and which makes them stand out of the crowd. We always hire the best professional but have never thought of grooming a best one without even knowing them that they’re the best.

There’s always an end product.

This was an eye opener for me. I make Sivaa do a lot of things on our one to one session. I have seen in his school also they make him do the same. And I have noticed Sivaa looses interest soon. But in amaze every activity that the student does results in an end product. Whether it be a craft related work or a painting or any other activity it reaches out as an end product outside. The sameness or repetitiveness can be avoided and there’s always an answer to why I’m I supposed to do this?

More of a teamwork

I noticed that it was more of a teamwork than representations as to this is a professional and these are interns nor could distinguish between the professionals and other assistants or helping staff. All I could see was a keen interest to handle the given situation smoothly without classification.

A lot of Movement was indeed a blessing in disguise

Unlike the others, Amaze charitable trust runs within two to three rented building in a residential locality. The interns need movement from one activity to another. Like for example computer works would be done in one building and yoga in an another building. So after every session students move from one place to another which is hardly a two minutes walk. I don’t know whether she had planned in such a way but I’m sure that it’s one reason for her success.

No showcasing as to talents.

Every child was introduced with due respect irrespective of their talents. No classification as to he is a good singer and other a poet. And no one was forced to showcase their abilities but spending a whole day, we could easily figure out as to who was good in what.

Akila Vaidyanathan as a mother.

This is the highlight and was the biggest takeaway for me as an a parent. She is a living example as to how a mother should be. She said she just followed her child which lead to the formation of Amaze charitable trust. She really impressed me when she said how she created an environment suitable for her child and also amazed me by her calm and carefree attitude when her own son was going through a meltdown. She didn’t interfere or panic nor did she interrupt, she just very calmly give him space to deal with it. It was quite surprising that he was back to schedules so soon. As a mother and as a women she is awesome and remarkable that every mother should get meet her and learn from her and from the entire team of Amaze.

Akila vaidyanathan and Amaze charitable trust are exceptionally good and may their tribe grow and conquer all over the country.

With lots of love


Preetha Anoop Menon

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