Siddhu said; Don’t be bad and make your loved ones sad 😔

It was a pleasant evening unlike the rainy morning . Due to heavy rains schools were closed and Sivaa was anxious as to the sudden changes in his routines. It was a fact that children were getting bored and I was not able to equip them smoothly as I would be during other vacation holidays. Seeing the pleasant climate in the evening I sent both of them outside to play. Siddhu pedaled his cycle two – three times and ran to his friends house. Sivaa wanted to walk alone through our lane and sensitize himself with his fidgeting tool -the long green grass. I was watching them closely like a life guard thinking of jumping on to life saving situations. But soon my neighbor walked to me for a chit chat. While we were talking, another lady who was known to both of us came in between and we were engaging in a conversation. Suddenly Sivaa ran to us and peeped in to the carry bag the other lady was holding. It wasn’t just peeping, he literally pulled his hands and searched the other ladies plastic carry bag. She was embarrassed and so am I, never expected such a quick response from him and I decided to deal with it.

I asked him to come inside. He was little hesitant and agitated with my decision to take him in. I was very clear with my stand. He soon came inside. I told him the reason why he was taken inside and he gave me the eye contact till I finished it. I understood that he was getting to what I was communicating . I wanted him to apologize to me saying he won’t repeat this and everytime I asked him to say that he kept saying I will do this. This was not happening through Avaz. He was talking. At times he is verbal as I had already mentioned and mostly it happens when he’s panicked. Finally I lost to it and I ended up feeling so bothered with his behavior.

Soon Siddhu came home and I told him as to what had happened in his absence. He as always consoled me saying that it’s OK and next time Chettan won’t repeat it. Since I was completely lost at that moment, I shouted at siddhu saying this is not the first time Chettan is showing this behavior and he would repeat it again. Siddhu is always Sivaas best advocate and he would convince us somehow with his pros and cons about the topicSoon it was nearing to their time to visit temple and both of them took bath and was all set ready to go to temple. I didn’t talk to Sivaa and I completely avoided him two – three times when he headed for a conversation with me through Avaz and otherwise. Siddhu holded his brothers hand and marched towards the temple. After 20minutes they reached back and as I expected Siddhu was praising his brothers behavior all through the journey in and out the temple. I just told him that I was happy for his brother. By that time, I had made their evening snacks and both ate well. I could see Sivaa was more happy as it was one of his favorite item but I didn’t bother to acknowledge it. I switched on the TV and as I was watching the news updates, Sivaa ran to me and gently holded my face and turned it towards his side and said a sorry and ran back. It was so quick that I couldn’t feel it completely. Hearing that sorry…Siddhu ran to Sivaa and kissed him.

But at the end of the day , I’m so happy as a mother for those little things that life put me to deal with and it’s memorable outcomes.Maybe Sivaa might have understood his mistake or maybe Siddhu might have dealt with it and in anyways it’s heart warming for a mother and I would cherish this beautiful moment.

And about the title

Siddhu wanted to hear a story and sleep today, to which I told him that I’m going to write one story and he was curious to know what the story was about. I told him it was about Sivaa and his behavior today to which he wanted to give this title.

Don’t be bad and make your loved ones sad.


Preetha Anoop Menon

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