Siddhu and his wish to have a lunch in school canteen.

Siddhu was very excited after school. He showed me his diary. It was written fried rice with curry for lunch day after tomorrow in school Canteen. With an innocent smile on his face, he asked are you not Surprised… I knew this question would follow immediately. So I acted well in advance with a popped up surprised face and added Wow to it… He was very happy seeing my expression and he said he wants to go for it. But I knew he is not a foodie and he doesn’t like fried rice and that too vegetable one. Keeping all this in mind I asked him, do you actually want to go for it ? Amma knows that you don’t like veg fried rice much. Then What tempted you to try this? He replied very eagerly that his friend is trying this and he said it’s yummy.. And Teacher also said it’s so tasty and delicious.So his statement made everything clear that he wanted to enjoy a day in canteen with his friends… He added that If it’s raining they will be taken to canteen in school van and inside canteen they have to take the plates and wait for their turn and has to pay money on their own for the food served to them. All these were an added attraction despite the above statement.

But since it was little pricey than his ordinary canteen coupon I asked him to get permission from Acha. Thereby I sensibly passed on the ball to Anoops court who was nowhere in the seen.Siddhu is yet to get permission from Anoop but still I have made up my mind that he is going to enjoy the fried rice with his friends tomorrow. Then why did I ask him to get his father’s permission? I just want to make him understand that it’s not his priority and also to make him know that it has more value than his usual canteen meals.

But surprisingly I came to read about a few discussions that happened in one of his school group’s where this has been dealt as some marketing strategies used by the school. Maybe…. But don’t you also feel that every where your child is subjected to this strategy right from their birth. So marketing has become an inevitable part of our daily life. How do you deal with is most important thing.

From a very young age like he was 4 and half I used to teach him how money comes and who earns money in our house and how difficult it is. Slowly I taught him why I’m not able to work like other mom’s he see around. When I was saying all these to him, I didn’t know it was all registering in his brain. Believe me, a child’s brain is the only store which captures and assess information so fast. One day he wished to have a new cycle because his old cycle was damaged and one irritating sound was coming out of it was fulfilled by us. But when he went to cycle shop, he wanted to have a cycle with gears but that was questioned and neglected. Instead we surprised him with a bottle fixer attached to his cycle. He was super thrilled and happy with that. Later one day when he stood first for English story telling competition Ramayana, he wished to have a magic Matte pencil to improve his hand writing, we knowingly fulfilled his wish that no pencil can do magic. I’m also that mother who check his pencil box daily to know whether he has missed any of them. But sometimes I feel like I’m the old school mom or gen X . I never allow him to use any of our phones as his screen time. I hate to see children playing video games in mobiles and also seeing them watching YouTube videos. Hearing music is the only thing that is allowed in our house because Sivaa doesn’t know any other activities to pass on with when he has nothing to do. I thought I was right..but surprisingly last week when I was sitting for a doc’s appointment for myself where I actually got time to engage myself to know what was happening outside. I was sitting near to a Paed Ward and I saw almost all children were fidgeting with mobile phones. Those other sections were eating or holding a biscuit packet or chocolate. Oh God … I didn’t see any child who was sitting ideally doing nothing. If a child cannot sit ideally for half an hour in a place doing nothing what are we trying to teach this younger generation..So back to the topic if it’s genuine and cause no harm, why can’t we fulfill their little wishes. I strongly believe that giving your child your smart phone to engage with is more dangerous than eating a lunch in school canteen.

Open for discussion.

World of neuro typical


Preetha Anoop Menon

2 thoughts on “Siddhu and his wish to have a lunch in school canteen.

  1. So aptly put Pree..and I 100 percent agree that having a lunch in school canteen is far better than giving a smart phone to these young minds..


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