Siddhu _ The Yoga Master

Siblings story.

One fine day after coming from school Siddhu wanted to practice Yoga sessions at home. He took my abs mat and asked for permission. For me anything was fine except the Screen Time. I knew he was feeling very motivated and inspired by his Yoga Master in School. It was a visual treat for the eyes to see him holding breath and doing yoga poses.

Next day he wanted his brother to follow him. As always I was happy seeing his enthusiasm to include his brother in all the activities. But I knew this little one would lose hope soon because I have tried everything and anything with Sivaa and Yoga. Soon the classes began. Sivaa happily sat with Siddhu in the Yoga mat. ”Chetta stretch your legs and touch the feet” Chettan tried to touch but was not able to stretch it like the little one. Yes you can… he pulled his hands forward… Amma why is chetta not able to touch the feet. It’s so easy know. I didn’t bother to answer… So he himself found the answer… I understand Amma.. Sorry… He is different and it’s just okay to be different and grinned at me for an Approval. Chettan that’s okay…we will do an easy one… That’s called butterfly Asana.. Chetta come we will sit like this…bent your leg.. He tried with all his power to pull and bent Sivaas legs.. Oh God why is it not bending like mine… Oh OK leave it… It’s very much OK to be different… Sighed Siddhu.. OK Chettan now you tell me what asana we should do.. Surprisingly Sivaa stood up and stretched his arms out. Siddhu followed him. Then Sivaa lifted his arms up.. Siddhu followed that.. Suddenly Siddhu put his arms out and waved it like a bird flipping it’s wings. Sivaa followed that and started shaking his hands.

I felt happy and proud once again for Siddhu as he didn’t lose hope in Sivaa like me, instead when things were not going out like the way he thought, he quickly changed the strategy and followed Sivaa. Bill Nason always quote on Autism discussion page that we should follow the child and never give up. I have read it thousand times and never understood how it works until Siddhu showed me yesterday.

Next day Siddhu woke up early not to finish his homework but to teach his Acha the Yoga lessons. His Sir has told him that involve your family while doing yoga. Anoop sat with him for lessons. Acha do this.. Sorry Siddhu this Achan cannot do…you know it’s difficult for me to bend and touch the feet for 10 counts. Said Anoop. But somehow he managed to make him do till 2 counts. Now it was butterfly asana. I switched off the stove and went to watch it.. I was sure that Anoop wouldn’t be able to make it. As expected he couldn’t move his leg closer and pose. It will take time for me Siddhu…I’m became old to do all this; excused Anoop. Then came Dhanurasana… Anoop got shocked seeing that.. Ayyo.. I cannot learn everything together siddhu. Let me learn the first two Asanas. Anoop proclaimed like a Master. And he was curious to do Shavasana and I saw Sivaa eagerly joining them.

Later Siddhu came and told me that I have got mistaken in judging his brother. I didn’t understand what he meant by that. Then he explained that it’s not because Chettan is different that he is not able to do things. It’s just because he’s following Achan. They both are fat and are lazy. I had no choice than to laugh out loud to the Witty findings of this little master of the house.

Attached a video of their Yoga session.


Preetha Anoop Menon

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