Swimming Story …വാ ടാ അനൂപേ നീന്താൻ പോവാടാ.. 😂😂

Sivaas swimming sessions started as soon as the school got reopened but we couldn’t take him due to sudden climatic changes and because of that whole family was feeling sick one day or the other during the month of June. Yesterday I was telling Anoop that we should get him back to swimming because he had started putting on weight these days. So Anoop checked with the trainer so that we could start his swimming lessons soon . He goes to swimming at choice school and it’s open to outsiders only late evening. When the trainer said we can bring him anyday, the one who was over hearing the conversation jumped on to Anoop’s lap and said വാടാ അനൂപേ.. നീന്താൻ പോവാടാ… ( come Anoop… We will go for swimming). We all burst into laughter, hearing his immediate verbal response. Even though he is non verbal… He comes out with words and sentences immediately, for some of his most reinforcing things. Usually this happens for edible reinforcers. This would be his first non edible reinforcer response. I have never seen Anoop taking a decision so fast, he immediately switched off the cricket match and got ready with Sivaas swimming accessories. He then very lovingly and gently stroked on his back and said, I don’t really mind what you call me… You call me Anoop or Da.. Or anything… But you should speak… And when you speak, I feel like I’m in the top of this world.

I could see Anoop was overwhelmed with emotions while saying this… The whole house became silent for a moment until Siddhu ran to Anoop and said ഭ ടാ അച്ഛാ പോവാം.. Swimming… Omg😱 lesson unlearnt.

Now it was Siddhus turn to sit on his father’s lap and understand why was that special concession given to his brother. Their arguments and confusions got over only when he heard that sound from the kitchen of me taking the big spatula and that roaring as to who needs to get the feel of heat from big spatula 😉

Video of Sivaa enjoying back stroke and forward swimming..

I have never seen this smiling face in any of the other activities he does. Because of his passion for swimming he learned the skill fast. There wasn’t any trainers who have actually spend time with him for teaching swimming lessons. Why because he was very difficult to be managed by any person other than we parents. One of his sir Mr Josy who had experience in handling special needs children had tried his level best to make him learn the skill but later Sivaa refused to go there. What I found positive at choice school is that they’re very inclusive and that the trainers are very supportive, like they give him a space for doing something he likes. He spend most of his time under the water. His trainer has once told us he has got an amazing talent to hold breath under the water. And they have never forced him. So Soon he learned the skill. At present he has so many admirers in swimming pool, who love to see him jumping from 10 feet.

So let’s us follow the child and forget the disability. Let them enjoy what makes them happy. Let’s us also be inclusive.

Much love to you Sivaa.


Preetha Anoop Menon

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