Consistency is what matters

Yes it’s just two months..
Yes it’s just 60 days.

Yes she’s proud, immensely proud of her boy. She recollects…

It all started with an inspirational journey of an empowered mother. The thought that her boy had grown out of her hands and she wouldn’t be able to control him made her curious. But she convinced her husband and soon they started together. He just thought to give it a try. Yes it turned out be his very such experience with his son. He wasn’t mastered the skill. His only experience was those 5 days at Decathlon waiting outside the skating net with his son for their turn . He remembered those painful treading on his legs with those skating shoes. Surprisingly the boy learned to balance soon which boosted his confidence. She soon witnessed a beautiful bond happening between the father and son. She cried silently but her tears wet a tiny hands. The little boy wiped her tears and said you don’t worry. Amma….Soon Chettan is going to master the skill.. She hugged the little boy out joy.

But by the time school reopened and the morning practice ended. It became her duty to make him practice in the evening. One day she thought of running with him holding his hands, to get him know the thrill of speed in Skating. Soon she felled down..but she woke up not caring for her wounds… Everyone who saw her falling asked…Is this skill necessary to survive ? She ignored them..Yes nothing could stop the Mother.

Nothing could stop her from stimulating him. They continued their practice. Even the rains forgot to fall in the month of June.. Finally that day he learned to skate independently. She couldn’t believe herself. She ran and called the little boy to share her happiness. They both ran cheering the boy. Still no one from the neighborhood came for cheering with them. Soon the little boy called his friends to cheer up his brother which made a sound like that of a marathon race.

Yes consistency was the keyword. The boys passion and his father’s dedication made it possible. She has no clue as to how he learned to break and take turns. Yes he learned himself. That’s the skill of the boy.
Never underestimate the boy based on his disability…. Yes focus on the skill. Now they’re all set ready to take the boy to the trainer with pride and prayers to make him master the skill.


Preetha Anoop Menon

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