His passion paved the way

I was having breakfast peacefully after sending both to school, I heard my phone ringing and I ran to pick it up thinking that it was from school. But surprisingly the name showed Najmal, my friend from Law college. We are all so connected through Whatsapp group but never use to call each other. I was little surprised seeing his call. He had called to invite me to his new office in town as he had started Independent practice after a long 10years of tireless internship with an efficient Senior lawyer. I was so happy hearing the news. I felt so proud of him and told him that I will definitely come to wish him good luck. The call didn’t last for more than 3minutes. But It took me to 12 years back where we travelled daily in a train to reach college. It reminded me of those moot court sessions and seminars. And one day how Girishanker Sir scolded him while conducting seminar for using slang language. He was never a bookish boy but always dreamed of becoming a great lawyer. He had an intense passion and dedication for this profession. I remember unlike others, he struggled to clear the papers but once he attained the degree, he was very serious and consistent to his profession. During our first getto a few years back, I heard from few of my friends as to how he has changed and empowered himself as a lawyer. Yes I felt so happy for his achievements in this field. I know his journey was not as easy as I write here. It was a reward for his hardwork, dedication, passion and consistency.

I really wished to go as I set my day we’ll scheduled in advance. I thought of leaving home as soon as children leave to school. I felt so happy and excited thinking of meeting my old buddies. It was a getto only for me because others meet every day or atleast twice a week in courts. I couldn’t sleep out of excitement because I knew I was going to have a blast the next day. They’re all power packed people with so much of positivity. They’re change makers and energy boosters. People usually have a false notion that lawyers speak only about law enforcement but actually they’re law breakers and who find loopholes to get rid of it. At times when I feel lost or totally depressed, I get myself out of it by reading the messages of law groups. I should also admit that actually I started seeing the other side of the coin only while pursuing law degree. We get to know children and even older people from all sections of the society.

As so many thoughts ran through my mind, I heard a sound from other bed as Sivaa coughing which was very unusual and I asked him whether he was fine, he jumped out of the bed and started Vomiting. First I thought it was some indigestion but it continued through out the whole night leaving him totally tired and sleepless.

I took a deep breath and realized that I couldn’t make it up for tomorrow. Early morning I called him and wished him good luck to which he replied that he will arrange a getto soon. I didn’t reply to that as I left the decision to HIM( the final decider of our fate)

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