An Angel teacher

Yes.. the mother somehow convinced her child that there’s an angel in this school and she is called a teacher and she will show you the correct path and love you unconditionally.The poor child had full faith in his mother.

At school, the boy saw a cheerful smart and enthusiastic woman, who lovingly welcomed him inside. She played with him, sang to him and taught him letters. Yes she was an angel .She also instilled hope in mother as she had all that tricks to deal with him. There was a drastic improvement in his IEP. But sad to say, it didn’t last for so long. She became sick and soon she left the job. But thankfully before leaving she made him comfortable with another teacher. Yes she was a real Angel.

Poor child.. he missed his Angel but no one noticed that. He  continued going to  school hoping that the angel will come back one day.

Unfortunate to say, one fine day that new teacher too.. stopped coming to School. Nobody said anything about the absence of the new teacher and he too didn’t have words to ask for. Boy waited for one or two days hoping that the new teacher is on leave and then started showing tantrums and meltdowns. No…. his teacher didn’t come back. Poor mother had a tough time convincing the child.

As days passed by, another new teacher came but she was very new to this field.And She tried her best and slowly the child started liking her. He became comfortable in her presence but Again it too didn’t last so long. She got another job and went off. The child had a tough time last year. Almost three teachers changed in a year. He don’t remember their names. He don’t know what they were all up-to. His IEP remain unchanged with no progress. It got stucked where the angel teacher had stopped and went off. But he still continued going to school hoping that one day his Angel would come back.

To all those teachers who leave their profession and who forgets their ethics, please do remember that

There’s a child in the school who is still counting that year and the date because on the day you were leaving, you told him a date unknowingly as your return date when asked for.

There’s also a child who lost his smile when he heard that you are on leave.

Sadly there’s another child who didn’t sleep in the  night because  you were on leave that day.

Yes there’s a child who saw the World through you and he loved you so much that your absence made him sick.

Finally  there’s a mother on the other side of the road waiting and working tremendously only to see her happy child.

For you it’s just a job, but for us you are Angels sent by God to do miracles on our kids with your tricks.

When I was a kid I hardly remember any teacher leaving our school. I did my schooling in a private school where the teachers weren’t highly paid like these days but were very ethical to their profession. It’s fact that because of the love for teachers, we learned certain boring subjects. But today when we see the frequent step downs in this profession, I feel skeptical as to the ethics they hold up on. I cannot imagine what would be if there was a change in my economics teacher or to my social studies teacher. Being called the neuro typical or normal, if that change was hard for me, imagine that plight of a neuro divergent who has so many other disparities. It’s so sad when  teachers hold no ethics to their profession especially the one’s teaching special needs.


Preetha Anoop Menon

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