Siblings story.

A temple visit

After the school hours, Siddhu was feeling lethargic and tired. The full day class was new to him. He hasn’t equipped himself to the new routines. He was very inattentive and sleepy in the evenings. But thankfully he was eating well. Last day when his teacher also said the same thing our anxiety shoot up. I talked to Siddhu and found that going early to school and coming back in bus late evening was little too much for him and he was feeling totally tired at the end of the day. When I was explaining my own concepts to put him back to routines, Anoop interfered and said that he should go to the temple daily in the evening. I pretty much liked the idea. It reminded me of my childhood days where going to temple was a part of the day. I was also happy because if Siddhu goes to temple daily, I had every chance to send Sivaa also to temple. I start my day by going to temple but that wasn’t working with my children because they need to go to school early. So Anoop’s idea of sending boys to temple was very much welcomed by me.

Siddhu was super thrilled and happy because he was going to a place alone and also with an additional responsibility of taking care of his Chettan. Siddhu took his bath and was all set ready by 6 o’clock in the evening. Sivaa also became ready by 6.10. Now it was the preparation time. I told Sivaa that you are going to temple with Siddhu and he will tell you the do’s and don’ts inside the temple and you have to listen to him. Also reminded Sivaa that he is your baby brother and you should hold his hands and to never leave him alone. I was pretty much confident to send them because I knew both know the rituals to be practiced inside temples and Sivaa only needed verbal prompts in between.

Finally they headed towards the temple which is a walkable distance maybe less than 200metres from our house. I couldn’t wait inside the house. I just followed them from far behind. I could see them walking holding hands through the sides of the road.Finally I saw them taking that turn to go inside the temple. They might have entered the temple, I heard the bell for Deepa aradhana. My heart flutters out of anxiety.. I thought to myself… What will they do? It will take another 5 to 10 minutes or more to open. Will Siva wait? Will he run and make sound? If he does will siddhu be able to control him? I thought of taking a wrong decision. I remember telling them to have a quick darshan and to come back. But why aren’t they out made me anxious. It was even okay for me if they come outside before the Nada reopens. I wasn’t doubtful as to whether they removed the t shirt before entering because I knew they were aware of that out of practice. I was anxious as to whether Siva will touch the priest when he gets out after the pooja. I was anxious as to whether he will spit the Holy water that will be sprinkled over as soon as the Nada opens. Those who know the temple rituals will know, if a child does all these, how lengthy is the procedure of puniyaha kriya and how expensive it is.

Standing outside thinking all those made me feel super exhausted. I had not taken my bath otherwise I would have entered the temple. I began to ask people who passed by after having darshan as to whether they found two children. But none of them remember seeing two children. By then I was panicked totally and was looking through all the possible ways to have a glance of them.

I heard someone was calling me. I just looked back. My neighbor Aunty. I was feeling little relieved to see a familiar face to ask for help. She enquired as to Why didn’t I enter inside? She said that she saw both of them and asked for me and they said they have come alone. Finally I was feeling relieved. I took a deep breath. She continued again. They both were waiting patiently holding each others hands for the Nada to open. She was standing just behind them. She also said they were yet to finish the three prathakishanas. I was super thrilled and happy as I cried out of joy. I didn’t wait to see them. I ran back home to make them feel I’m immensely proud of them.

When they came back home I hugged and kissed them and with tears rolling down I said…Amma is proud of you two… So siddhu asked me… If you are proud of us, then why are you crying to which said I got panicked for a moment when I didn’t see you. But he explained in an appealing way as to how Nada got closed as soon as they entered, how he took 3 pratikshinas and every time he was in front of Devi…how he chanted all the three Namas. I didn’t ask anything about Sivaa.. I could figure it out how good he was throughout the Darshan.

Lesson learnt

Never underestimate the power of teaching even a small thing.

To be continued…

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