Apprehension of we special moms

Through this post, I’m trying to explain the anxiety level of we special mom’s as its nearing the reopening date of school after the summer vacation. Let’s hope and pray for the complete empowerment of the whole community.

It’s nearing the reopening date, the mother is anxious about the new academic year.

She remembers all those stress she went through the last academic year.

She remembers all those rollercoaster ride to school as when the school rings her up.

She remembers how her heart pounds, while passing through the pages of school communication book.

For her, these two months of summer break was the preparation and grooming of her child to the next academic year.

She didn’t take a break like you thought her to be, neither her child.

She lost her sleep and she seems temperamental ..

yes it’s nearing to that crucial date.

Unlike other mom’s she didn’t aspire to accomplish anything,

she just hopes and prays for a peaceful year.

Her friend says…it’s nearing to your METIME to make her happy, she seems unbothered.

She prays for a safe and acceptable environment for her child.

She hopes and prays for a teacher this year too who passes the same unconditional love to her child.

She can also be a mother so apprehensive, as her child is moving to a new school where everything seems different.

She is also a mom, whose child is already warned for misbehavior last year in an inclusive school.

She can also be a mom, in search of a suitable school as her child is not co operating in any of the schools.

She is also a apprehensive mother, who got a message from school as to an unexpected hike in school fees which she finds difficult.

She’s a mom, who have done enough of early interventions and she is anxiously waiting for her child’s first day at school.

Sadly she’s also a mother, who homeschools her child..

She seems shattered, overwhelmed and lost.. Waiting and waiting as to when she will be empowered to defeat her apprehension…

One thought on “Apprehension of we special moms

  1. This past week was like that for me. New adjustment for him and the anxiety was so high. But by Gods grace and his own unique style he has prevailed!
    Good luck!

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