A different approach to parenting a neuro typical Son

To my little Siddhu

Amma is immensely proud of you.

Not for being brilliant but for being sweet and simple

Not for being obedient, but for being compassionate.

Not for being silent, but for being thoughtful and talkative

Not for being neat and tidy, but for being active and smart.

Not for being the topper, but for showing the enthusiasm.

Not because you are a fast runner, but seeing You not giving up

Not because you are sharing and caring, but seeing your unconditional love

Not because you are happy but you make others feel good and happy

Not because you paint well, but when you imparted your knowledge to others.

Not because you love me the most, but you showed respect and caring when I needed it most.

Not because you learned to make boat, but when you started making creative things with paper.

Not because you cleaned your space but when you offered to clean your brothers space

Yes I’m proud of you. Immensely proud of you

when you said it’s okay to be different.

When you wanted me to go back to my profession.

When you allowed me to take a short nap by looking after Chettan, when I was sick.

When you stood up for a disabled child of your class.

I became a proud parent. With lots of love.



Preetha Anoop Menon

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