Her journey of empowerment

She said; She needed a break.

Everyone laughed at her.

How can you take a break, you mother of a special child? Said a wicked woman.

You have no choice. It’s your plight said her family.

But she kept saying that she needed a break.

An old woman came to her and asked; Does your son speak?

No. She said

Then how does he communicate to us if you go for a break. I feel sorry for you. Said the old woman and went off.

But she continued saying she needed a break. A middle aged woman came to her and said I could have managed him 10years back but now I’m too old. When I was your age I have managed two difficult children. She cursed her laziness and went off.

She said she needed a break. A young and cheerful woman came to her and offered her help. She was happy. She gave her son. Immediately the young lady asked, will he stay with me?

No,said she and took her son back.

By that time she became too weak, but she kept repeating the same.

An old man came and said I can make him sit with a stick in my hand. You don’t worry I will manage him.

She started crying… No No; I don’t need your help.

But she really needed a break.

Two young man came and told her I have strength to manage your child. But she knew that, it wasn’t her son’s need.

Then she met a speech therapist, she assured her that he will make the boy speak. She was little relieved but still curious as to when.

Then she met an occupational therapist, he assured her that if he sits she can go for a break. But still she was curious as to when?

Then she met a special educator, she said I can make him sit and talk and learn too.. She hugged her out of joy but still ‘when’ made her curious.

There comes a behavioral analyst, she shouted A, B, A..where is your son’s behaviour Chart. She asked. All these were new to her. She kept crying for a break.

She lost her sleep. Poor thing she seems lost and depressed. Said her relatives. But no one was able to feed her need.

She took her son to a doctor but he prescribed sedatives.

No she said..she loved her son. She didn’t want to make him a Slug.

Finally she came back home. She was too tired and she went for a long Shower. Soon she got reminded of her hyperactive son.

She realized that, she didn’t close the gate. She with her loud voice screamed blatantly his Name.

He came running to her with a smiling face . He didn’t go out like she thought him to be. He was quietly fidgeting with his toys.

From that moment onwards, she didn’t ask for any help, she learned to manage her child on her own. He became a part of her daily errands.

Soon she became his playmate, coach, speech therapist, educator and so on. Slowly he began to improve and learned many Skills.

Finally one day everyone called her a Supermom. But no one offered her a break because no one knew that what her child needed was unconditional love.


Preetha Anoop Menon

6 thoughts on “Her journey of empowerment

  1. Beautiful and touching, i know what my mom goes thru, shes 70++ and still running around doing her bit for her son… your story bought tears to my eyes. ..but alas this is so true. God bless you .More strength , more power and loads of love.


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