A Small world with lot of beautiful souls

A small world with lot of beautiful souls

My love gestures to those who have understood and accepted my son’s diversity.

To that paediatrician with whom we never had to wait. Sivaa was always his first preference.

To that Nurse who fights with other patients to make it possible for Sivaa

To that neuro and psychiatric Doc in Tcr who always tell us to mention his name in the reception so that he gets preference pass.

To that dentist who by loving him so much , makes his appointments with her so easy.

To that Aunty in his previous school who looked after him as her own child.

To that Aunt of mine who always prepare and bring Sivaas favorite dishes

To that barber who made the haircut easier for him

To that Pappad(Applam) seller who makes pappad according to our preference.

To that priest of temple who always does puja for him even if I forgets his star sign every month.

To that sweet seller who always offer his favorite sweet (jilebi) by giving the fresh one.

To that uncle who pass through our gate every day and waves at him.

To that milkman who waits patiently till Sivaa comes and picks up the milk.

To that fish seller who offers fresh fish saying if I don’t give him the best God will never give me a chance to survive.

To that auto uncle who takes him to school accepting his diversity

To that Maid of mine who is always ready to take care of him, whenever I have an emergency

To that teacher of his school who always treat Sivaa as her own child.

To that swim trainer who understood his passion for swimming.

To that A/C mechanic who would run to our house leaving all his work behind when I say that Sivaa didn’t sleep last night as a/c was not working.

To that neighbors who would slow their vehicles while they see Sivaa playing outside.

Thank you so much on this journey together.

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